It is always said, “The youth is the backbone of the church.” and “The future of the church is the youth of today.” If we continue to empower the youth leadership in our local churches, by God’s grace, their potential will not remain simply a probability or possibility; they can and will become a catalyst or instrument for church growth.

But we do realize, in the context of today’s society and youth generation, there are issues and new challenges requiring answers. From the basic question of “What is Youth Ministry in the local church?” to needed discussions on “Challenges Facing Youth Ministry in the 21st Century”, “Youth Evangelism in Urban and Rural Setting”, “Campus Ministry” and “Using Social Media for Evangelism”, just to name a few.

It was in the year 2000, when the National Youth Department organized the last Youth Congress. After 13 years now and with the current OMSIFY program of the UPC-Philippines, the youth department needs a forum where God’s youth leaders from the local churches to the district leaders or even national leaders can come together and define strategies for an effective youth ministry.

Youth Leaders Congress 2013 is an initiative under the direction of the Youth Department to help develop the local church youth ministry and the calling of the individual youth leaders.

This will be a conference workshop with diverse topics affecting young leaders, their ministry and career.

The theme for Youth Congress this year is ACT1V8!  - Acts Chapter 1 verse 8 is a great promise for revival, and our GOAL is to influence our youth to activate and align with their local churches in outreach and evangelism programs.  Our VISION is for our youth get to get involved in ministry and the work of the kingdom!

•    Connect them to the vision of their Pastor and the ministry in their local church.
•    Connect them to other youth who are feeling the same calling and facing the same challenges.
•    Connect youth to leaders who have already passed through this challenging time and can give insight and direction that will greatly benefit their growth.
•    Connect them to resources for future development and growth.
•    Establish accountability in these areas of participant commitment.

Towards the end of the convention, it us our prayer to come up with a YOUTH AGENDA – a proposal to be presented to the leadership outlining plans and programs of the youth department for the next three years and how the Youth Department can play an active role for realization of the  OMSIFY program.

NWLD-NELD Youth Leaders Congress Date: November  22-23, 2013
Venue: Pines View Hotel, Legarda Rd., Baguio City

 Registration and Payments: 
 P 500.00 per pax (inclusive of meals and accomodation.)

Make ADVANCED TEMPORARY reservation and register now. 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: All Registrations made online are subject to Pastoral Endorsement and APPROVAL of the district youth department. We will be notifying concerned parties.

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